Together, let’s ensure that youth, seniors and parents, long-time Canadians and newcomers to our country, are able to achieve more. Let’s also help local businesses thrive and support community services that make York South-Weston a great place to live.

Support Lekan Olawoye for Ward 12 City Councillor and be part of a fresh start for City Hall.

Every contribution is appreciated.

*Under the City of Toronto's Contribution Rebate Program, you can receive a rebate from the City for contributions made to mayor and councillor candidates in an election. The minimum eligible contribution for a rebate is $25.
Your Contribution Actual Cost to You*
$25 $6.25
$50 $12.50
$100 $25
$250 $62.50
$300 $75
$500 $175
$750 (max) $300